El Niño Patterns Indicate an Active Winter Season

Early predictions are for cooler conditions across much of the East Coast due to a stormy pattern pulling cool air into the region.

It might feel like summer just wrapped up, but believe it or not, winter will be here before we know it.  According to forecasters, this year’s winter may be a particularly harsh one, meaning now is the time to start preparations for the upcoming season.

Early WeatherWorks predictions, based on El Nino patterns, predict cooler conditions across much of the east coast due to a stormy pattern pulling cool air into the region. As cold air funnels into storms on the coast, an increase in the potential for wintry weather is expected.  Based on winters past with similar early predictors, meteorologists are initially predicting a snowfall 33% above yearly averages.

Creating a snow and ice storm plan before a big storm arrives helps you have peace of mind that you have reduced risk and costs, while also minimizing company downtime. BrightView offers customized snow plans to best suit your unique business needs, including innovative and sustainable solutions. BrightView is the only landscape services provider in the Mid-Atlantic region using ENTRY (Potassium Formate), a safe, effective and environmentally friendly alternative to rock salt and magnesium chloride.


33% increase in snow fall for the Mid-Atlantic
WeatherWorks is predicting a 33-percent increase in snow fall for the Mid-Atlantic region this winter.

What are the advantages of ENTRY?

  • Potassium Formate is not a chloride and therefore is pH neutral, making its runoff safe for plants, turf, streams, lakes, and other bodies of water.

  • With a very low toxicity level, Potassium Formate is safe for pets and wildlife.

  • Potassium Formate is non-corrosive - your fences, doorways, parking garages, and other metal fixtures are free from the threat of corrosion.

  • Potassium Formate reduces the freezing point of water to minus-63 degrees (rock salt only protects against freezing down to 25 degrees), making refreeze post treatments no longer a concern.

  • Potassium Formate is a liquid and therefore will not track into buildings, reducing clean-up, and eliminates the threat of damage caused to internal surfaces.

Backed by industry leading safety programs, our well-trained technicians deliver rapid results while operating conscientiously, with an eye for negating your risk and protecting your property. Remember, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

Be Ready Before The First Snowfall

Take the hassle out of dealing with snow and ice. Our experienced team and comprehensive services ensure you’re prepared for anything.