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The Grounds for Landscape Outsourcing

See what your campus could gain through outsourcing the landscape maintenance

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Drive athletic recruitment with beautifully maintained sports fields.

Doing more with less has become an unfortunate refrain for many schools. However, preserving the quality of education doesn’t have to come at the expense of campus appearance or safety. Outsourcing your landscape and grounds maintenance can help free up resources without sacrificing what matters most. Learn more about why outsourcing is worthy of consideration.

Mitigate Risk

You can’t afford to cut back on grounds maintenance to the extent that it compromises the safety of your campus and exposes you to unnecessary risk. Regular landscape maintenance is key to preserving critical sightlines and necessary clearance around pathways and structures. Your incumbent employees can transfer to our employment, keeping the familiar faces you and your students are familiar with on campus. As an added benefit, they’ll receive industry-leading, ongoing professional development and safety training.

Increase Satisfaction and Enrollment

The curb appeal of your campus reflects the quality education you provide. An attractive landscape helps create an environment students, teachers, and faculty are proud to call their own. Having a landscape partner with broad capabilities and experience can make upgrades to your campus grounds — large or small — seamless. From design to development, maintenance to enhancements, we offer the full spectrum of capabilities to keep your landscape modern and competitive.

Lower Costs

Converting your grounds maintenance to a private contract can yield an operational savings of as much as 15 to 20 percent. Salaries, employee benefits, workers compensation, and equipment costs all become the responsibility of your landscape provider. As a national provider, we offer economies of scale that are passed on to you, helping to further drive down costs.

Retain Control

Outsourcing doesn’t have to mean giving up control. In fact, an effective landscape and grounds maintenance contract should do just the opposite — providing for regular communication and upholding your decision-making and approval authority. You continue to set the parameters, but reap the cost savings associated with shifting labor and equipment expenses to a third-party.


Outsource campus landscaping to unlock its revenue generating potential

The research is in: outsourcing landscaping and grounds maintenance has major payoff potential.