Liquid Brine Application Benefits

Winter Weather Worries? Melt Them Away

Ensure the safety of your property with liquid brine

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Liquid Brine Truck Spreader
BrightView crews prepare to spread liquid brine amidst a busy winter season.

Don’t underestimate the power of liquid brine. When it comes to keeping your property safe and navigable this winter, liquid brine is one of the most powerful, proactive tools you can employ. Here’s why liquid brine is an important consideration:

Brine Lessens Your Exposure to Risk

Liquid brine works by lowering the freezing point of snow and ice. That’s important because it may keep the first couple inches of slippery snow from sticking. This translates to safer movement of traffic in light to average precipitation until treatments with solid products are made. It also speeds up the process of removal by facilitating better plowing conditions and increasing the efficacy of post-storm solid ice melter applications. Safety is restored to your property faster, mitigating risk.

It’s Better for the Environment

Liquid brine solutions are mostly water and fairly diluted when applied, minimizing damage to surfaces, plant materials, water sources, and the environment. In fact, brine typically uses less salt compared to the amount used in de-icing. This makes it a great resource for LEED-Certified sites.

There’s Value Past the Initial Application

When icing situations are anticipated, liquid brine solutions are the best tool for the job. Once applied, the water in brine solutions evaporates, leaving a dry coating that is relatively immune to dispersal by pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Brine is much harder to track into interior spaces, so it stays outside where it belongs. 

In order to maximize the effect of liquid brine, it’s important to select a snow and ice services provider experienced in its application. Timing is one of the most important factors, as pavement temperatures must be above 20 degrees Fahrenheit when the brine is applied. Additionally, liquid brine is intended for light to average precipitation, so accurate forecasting is key. Your BrightView team proactively monitors storm activity and can provide the best guidance for your situation.  


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