Do I Need to Regularly Check My Irrigation System? - Ask BrightView


Ask BrightView: Episode 10

It's important to frequently check your irrigation system. BrightView's Eric Rothell explains why you should regularly check it to avoid losing water and increasing your water bills.

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Video Transcription

Do I need to regularly check my irrigation system?


As an irrigation manager, one of the questions I often get asked is, "Should I check my sprinkler system?"

The answer is yes. You kind of want to think of it like your car because there are a lot of moving parts in your irrigation system, just like in your car. You take a car to get an oil change and get it tuned up. It's the same thing for the irrigation system.


About once a month, you should turn it on, walk through, look for any breaks or any damage because one broken head can be losing 5 gallons a minute - lost water means a high water bill.


There's some different things that can go wrong with your irrigation system. Like I said, you may have a head broken or have a pipe broken. You may find that when this thing pops up, the nozzle on top is clogged up, so no water is coming out. Even worse, you may find your sprinklers don't turn on at all.

So remember to check your sprinklers on a regular basis because you may have a big break and all your money is being washed down the drain.