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Ask BrightView: Episode 20

It can be tough to try and choose what kind of tree you believe will look the best in your yard, but you should also consider if the tree is best for you, in terms of maintenance and your environment. BrightView Director of Horticulture Dave Teuschler offers tips to consider when you begin your search for a tree, including whether you prefer evergreen or deciduous, the ultimate size of the tree, if you want it to flower and how often, and more.

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Video Transcription

What is the best tree for my yard?


Hi, I'm Dave Teuschler. I'm with BrightView Tree Company and I am the Director of Horticulture. I have worked in the landscape and horticulture trade for about 30 years.

Many people will ask me is, "Dave, what is the best tree for my yard?" And there are many things to consider.

Evergreen vs. Deciduous

First would be, do you want an evergreen or a deciduous tree? Do you want winter light to come into your yard or would you prefer that it be shaded year-round? A lot of times, it depends on which side of the house it's going to be planted and if there are other structures nearby that you either want shaded or want sun on. A common misconception is that evergreen trees are clean and deciduous trees are messy. It's actually quite the opposite. Evergreen trees drop a little bit of something year-round and deciduous trees make one big mess a year, but generally, once you clean that up, you're good until next year.

Tree Size

One thing to consider is how big the tree is going to get. It's important to know how much room you have and the ultimate size of the tree. There is a great deal of information on a lot of great university websites on trees: how big they get and trees that work best for your environment.

Climate Zone

Different trees are adapted to different climate zones. You want to make sure that tree is frost-hardy if you live in an area that gets very cold. Is it drought tolerant if you live in an area that is hot and dry and there isn't a lot of available water,

Flowering Trees

Many people like trees because they produce beautiful flowers once or twice a year, or perhaps all year long, but those flowers fall off. Another thing to keep in mind when you're choosing a tree is the maintenance needs of that tree. Aesthetically, a jacaranda is spectacular from a distance, but from a maintenance side, it's a very messy tree and requires regular cleanup, especially if it's over a driveway, sidewalk, or some sort of hardscape.

Trees are a huge part of a landscape and they also are permanent. They are not like a bedding flower. Choosing a tree is very important because it will be there for a very long time if the proper tree is chosen and maintained properly.