Lawrence Yacht and Country Club golf course

Lawrence Yacht and Country Club Regains its Premiere Position

Partnership with BrightView increases course quality and saves money


Damaged Greens and Slow Speeds

Located in Nassau County, N.Y., and built in 1924, the golf course at the Lawrence Yacht and Country Club (LYCC) was one of the first courses built in the county. But in 2012, when the club partnered with us, the course had long lost its premiere position.

“Conditions were bad,” said Leo McMahon, LYCC General Manager. “Our greens had very slow speeds, one green had turf damage, and our fourth green hadn’t had grass growing on it for more than 10 years.” 

Club management and the village of Lawrence, which owns the club, knew changes were in order.



A Winning Team with a New Superintendent

The LYCC brought us on board and hired Adam Thomas as the new superintendent. Together, Adam and the our experts made a winning team. Work began immediately to help restore the course. 

The partnership has done more than just improve the golf course through normal times. When Hurricane Sandy loomed, the LYCC crew and us did proactive work to help minimize the damage and substantial work afterward to help the course recover from the resulting silt and debris.

Recently, the club renewed its contract with us for another three years. Not only are the rates for the new contract lower, It also includes complete restoration of all the club’s bunkers. The restoration work was scheduled to be completed over two winter seasons to minimize play disruption.

“It’s fantastic,” McMahon said. “The restoration is built in as an annual expense for us; just part of our fixed operating expenses. That they could do that and continue the good work is great.”



Quality Increase

In the span of three years, we helped LYCC increase the quality of the course year-over-year and, in the process, saved the club hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Before we hired Adam and BrightView, the course was being under-managed. Today, it’s operating in a much more professional way. Members who have been at the club for more than 30 years tell me the course has never looked better.

- Leo McMahon, General Manager of the Lawrence Yacht and Country Club

Outstanding Golf Course Maintenance

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