McLean School

The McLean School Landscape Improvements Promote Learning

BrightView helps to create a safe campus to foster Mindfulness in Education

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Maintaining an Environment for a Mindful Community

McLean School in Potomac, MD is a nationally recognized independent school. McLean’s small classes and abilities model prepares bright students from kindergarten through 12th grade, including those with dyslexia, anxiety, and attention issues, for college success. By focusing on a child’s strengths, while integrating classroom-based support in areas of need, McLean builds intellectual curiosity, subject matter mastery, resilience, and self-esteem. The school was looking for a partner to help create a safe environment; one where students and faculty can solely focus on the fundamentals of education.



A Focus on Detail without Distraction

BrightView prides themselves on creating and maintaining safe properties that enhance the community. This mission was the focus during the work at McLean School. BrightView set out to provide the staff and students with a safe, clean, and inviting property. To limit any distractions during peak learning hours, BrightView worked closely with the school to make sure the team avoided performing work during student drop-off and pick-up and recess.



A Safe Campus for Students and Staff

By partnering with BrightView, McLean School can now lead a worry-free approach to maintaining their campus’ landscape. By ensuring all trees, shrubs, and plants are pruned; BrightView keeps the grounds safe by preventing any trees from dropping limbs or interfering with the structures. BrightView also annually installs playmat chips to the school’s playgrounds in compliance with the county’s safety code. BrightView’s service and attention to detail not only helps attract prospective students, but also provides a campus students and faculty are excited to visit each day.