Villages Golf and County Club golf course

Partnering to Bring Irrigation Up to Par

A new irrigation system and transparent partner revitalizes The Villages Golf & Country Club

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The Challenge

Top-Ranked HOA Community Replaces 50-Year-Old Irrigation System

The Villages Golf & Country Club is one of Silicon Valley's best kept secrets. This 2,700-home HOA community boasts a Robert Muir Graves designed course that is a Bay Area hot spot for tournaments and serves residents and guests alike.

While the popularity of the golf course is strong, club management knew the course could greatly benefit from an upgrade to its 50-year-old irrigation system. At the same time, club management wanted to ensure the installation would be done right, wouldn't disrupt play, and the installation crew would take course nuances into consideration - and that's why they turned to us, the club's golf course maintenance partner, for help.


The Solution

Daily On-Site Coordination Keeps Project on Track and Details on Point

Even before the installation began, we got to work, leveraging relationships with vendors to ensure a competitive bidding process and enabling The Villages to get the best possible pricing for their new system.

As the project progressed, we took on the role of client advocate. As the expert on the course, we had the experience and information necessary to take on the responsibility of managing the irrigation contractor on the club's behalf.

Our on-site superintendent, Mike Scully, had developed deep knowledge of the course, club, management expectations, and player preferences and patterns. Mike also had an excellent rapport with the Villages' on-site golf pro. This background made him the perfect team member to be the client's eyes and ears on the ground, anticipating issues, recommending solutions, and resolving daily conflicts in a timely manner.

"Our BrightView Golf Superintendent Michael Scully played a vital role with our recent golf course irrigation system replacement project," said Darren Shaw, General Manager at The Villages Golf & Country Club. "From day one, Michael established a professional rapport with the contractor on our behalf. He then proceeded to monitor the daily work, keeping our management team abreast of all related activity. His problem solving skills, along with his willingness to lend a hand wherever and whenever, contributed significantly to the project's success."


The Result

Excellent Communication, Seamless Execution

Mike's central role on the project was critical to a successful and smooth execution. He worked closely with the contractor and communicated daily with the client during the six-month project. This helped minimize issues and ensure that the needs of the club, course, and players were considered in every detail.

For example, Mike helped make decisions for value placements and programming for each head based on his knowledge of how the legacy irrigation system performed, what portions of the course were in sun or shade, and his knowledge of the ongoing condition of the turf.

He also made adjustments to the contractor's schedule to help keep construction work from impacting play activity. And when the city inspector couldn't be on-site, Mike took photos of work in progress, relaying them to the inspector so work could continue on schedule.

Mike made plan adjustments throughout the project based on his intimate knowledge of the course. For instance, when the plans called for clay valves to be installed where Mike knew players' balls typically fell, he coordinated with the course architect and contractor to move the valves elsewhere. In all, every suggestion Mike made allowed players to continue enjoying their beloved course and prevented future costly changes down the line.

Regular communication with the golf staff was paramount. According to Scott Steele, head golf professional at The Villages, "The communication between Mike and the golf staff has been excellent and we are always abreast of the next step in the process. Moreover, Mike never dictates, but rather seeks our opinion and works in conjunction with us so that the business is not interrupted, or the interruption is minimal."

Ultimately, the irrigation system replacement will save water, reduce energy usage, and improve course conditions and play. The club management also benefits from knowing their golf maintenance partner is up to the challenge of taking on a special project of this nature and will do so at no additional cost.

In addition to golf course maintenance, BrightView also maintains the landscape, trees, and backflow valves for the entire community. The Villages is ranked among the top 20 senior communities in the country.

Outstanding Golf Course Maintenance

You set the standard, we make it happen. We’re laser-focused on continuously refining the science, technology, and operations of golf course maintenance so we can bring our clients a competitive advantage and a course their players are proud of.