BrightView Enterprise Solutions Manager Visits China to Present on Sustainable Landscaping

Dominic Desiderio gives presentation on importance of landscape planning at Chengdu University of Information Technology

BES China 1
Dominic Desiderio, third from right, visited Chengdu University of Information Technology in China to give a landscaping presentation.

Dominic Desiderio, Market Manager at BrightView Enterprise Solutions, recently visited the Chengdu University of Information Technology in Chengdu, China, to give a presentation titled “Sustainable Landscaping: Making a Difference around the World.” The lecture focused on the importance of landscape planning and the ability of plant and tree species to absorb pollutants and naturally control the greenhouse effect.

“The passion we share in this industry is about so much more than landscaping,” said Desiderio. “Our industry has a direct effect on our environment and the legacy that we leave our children and generations to come.” 

This is the second time Desiderio has made the trip to China to meet with researchers and present on this topic, and he’s used his own personal time to do so. This year, Desiderio presented to the Landscape Architecture and Horticulture Departments and the Department of Environmental Sciences, which included more than 100 professors, faculty and students.

“It’s very humbling to meet so many young researchers who are dedicated to this change and (in) identifying plant species that naturally absorb pollutants more than others to help the environment,” said Desiderio. “We have the research; the challenge in China is how they find ways to bring these findings to fruition in the industry.” 

Desiderio discussed recent legislation in the U.S. and China and acknowledged the industry’s opportunity to lead these trends at the ground level rather than waiting for government action. The lecture ended as Desiderio took questions from the audience. 

“The excitement is there and I look forward to continuing the research and believe our clients here at home will take interest as well,” said Desiderio.


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