Crew Member Safety Continues to Be A Priority at BrightView

BrightView ended fiscal year 2022 with a 1.94 TRIR, compared to the industry average of 3.00

Dec 07, 2022 |

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Crew Member Safety Prioritized at BrightView
Team members in our Maryland North Market celebrate three years of no OSHA recordable injuries. 

Safety isn’t just a top priority at BrightView, it’s a strategic imperative.

No matter the location, each morning starts with a stretch-and-flex. Teammates are constantly looking out for each other both on and off the job. In addition, leaders – and all team members – share safety tips and metrics with each other and across the various divisions on a regular basis.

So yes, BrightView is obsessed with safety.

“Safety is non-negotiable,” said Holly Woonton, VP – Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S). “Our focus on safety is a necessity to help ensure every employee goes home in the same condition in which they arrived that morning.”

One safety metric BrightView measures itself against is the Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) – the number of injuries reported against the number of hours worked.

BrightView ended fiscal year 2022 with a 1.94 TRIR, compared to the industry average of 3.00. Across the company, nearly 120 branches went without any recordable injury for fiscal year 2022.

For those branches that ended the year without any incidents, the recipe for staying safe is fairly simple.

Kristi Falliaux, the Regional EH&S Manager for the High Desert Market, which currently holds the top spot for safety within the company, said, “We are committed to safety no matter the task. Our golden rule is safety comes first. We have ready and abled teams who are first aid trained. Safety is the key to engagement and retention.”

The Maryland North Market ranks second for company safety. EH&S Manager Matt Tackett echoes his cross-country counterpart in their approach to safety.

“We do weekly safety calls each Monday morning across the company that include all levels of management, from Senior Vice Presidents, Human Resources, VPGMs, Branch Managers and Branch Safety Leaders,” Tackett said. “It’s branch leadership who champion relevant weekly safety messages and incident reviews to further solidify our safety culture and promote field-level engagement.”

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