Landscape Management: OpX, Safety Go Hand-in-Hand

BrightView launched OpX to implement standards across its maintenance division

Oct 17, 2017 |

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More than 22,000 men and women work at BrightView, and the daily goal of the company is to make sure “No one gets hurt.”

There can be no compromise on safety and it’s a passion and a big part of the company. It has led BrightView to launch OpX, an initiative and a center of operational excellence. The goal of OpX is to develop and implement BrightView standards across its landscape maintenance division.

“Our intent was to establish a field-focused work group that allowed the maintenance organization to develop national standards and share best practices, tools, and training to accelerate our performance in the same way we have driven our safety program,” said Jeff Herold, BrightView President, Landscape Maintenance. “OpX begins and ends with safety. We will never stop striving for a zero-injury workplace.”

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