Team Rescues Neighbors after Hurricane Harvey

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BrightView team members set out with an inflatable raft to join rescue efforts and help their community anyway they could. They rescued a family of four, a couple, and a woman with her two cats.

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Video Transcription

Team rescues neighbors after Hurricane Harvey


During Hurricane Harvey, two BrightView team members braved the floodwaters in Houston with an inflatable raft to canvass their community and rescue any stranded neighbors.

Production Manager John Shollar and Crew Leader Juan Garcia set out after the storm in a neighborhood near their BrightView Katy branch to search for anyone who needed help.

Shollar and Garcia rescued and safely transported a family of four, a couple, and a woman and her two cats to higher, dry ground.

"Juan told me he wanted to go out and volunteer, so I said I would go with him. ... People needed help - they lost their homes, their clothes. Every little bit helps for those in need." - John Shollar