Strategic Resource Management

BrightView's club partners solve common resource challenges by taking advantage of our expertise in four key areas: superintendent support, crew management, back office support, and equipment and materials.

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Superintendent Support

A golf course superintendent is your daily eyes and ears on your course - looking out for every detail that makes your course a special and memorable experience. That's why our operation is designed to ensure that each golf course superintendent and the groundskeeping team has access to the latest tools, technology, and resources to enable him to meet the many demands of your course.

Under our maintenance program, your golf course superintendent becomes a member of the BrightView golf course management team but remains a member of your senior team staff. Incremental support from BrightView comes in the form of:

Ph.D agronomists who troubleshoot issues, create site-specific annual golf course agronomic plans based on real-time data and provide a toolkit of leading-edge diagnostic tools.

Management and operations experts who ensure both the day-to-day and larger annual work is completed efficiently and safely, without sacrificing the quality of the course or play experience. 

Administrative personnel, systems, and technologies that help minimize paperwork and maximize the time that they can spend on the course with the crew.

Ongoing training through monthly GCSAA educational webcasts led by our Director of Agronomy, as well as GCSAA and BrightView hosted annual meetings. 


Back Office Support

Less paperwork, more time to care for the golf course. 

Administration efficiency improvements directly reduce golf course operating expenses and allow skilled superintendents to spend their valuable time improving the golfers' playing experience. In addition to access to BrightView's team of specialists in safety, golf course agronomy, arboriculture, and pesticide usage, you also get expert support in the areas of payroll, benefits administration, purchasing, and telecommunications. 

Crew Management

Our average partner sees a 10 percent reduction in golf course maintenance costs, in part due to our industry-leading crew training and development that fully aligns the entire team around your groundskeeping goals. 

Under our partnership model, your crew transitions to become members of the BrightView course management team, but still remains an integral part of your club. We work to ensure that our partnership supports the relationship you have established. 

In the first 60 days of your partnership with BrightView, our management team will conduct training workshops with your crews on technical skills, golf course etiquette, and workplace and equipment safety - all leading to increased productivity and quality standards. 

Over the next 90 days, we will train your crew on our operating programs and illustrate how these methodologies translate into a competitive advantage for your club.


Equipment and Materials

On purchasing power means direct cost savings for you. We provide all the materials to maintain the course and run the equipment, and because of our large-scale purchasing, we can pass those savings on to you. 

We also provide all the golf course maintenance equipment necessary to maintain your course or, where it makes sense for your property, we offer equipment purchasing and financing options at BrightView's preferential rates.