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Your Landscaping Services Professionals in the Phoenix, AZ Area

BrightView Landscape Phoenix, AZ offers a variety of landscape services, such as maintenance, water management and tree care. Our trained local crews are uniquely qualified to service your Phoenix property. With a steadfast focus on you and your goals, we're changing the way landscape services are delivered. Our depth of experience makes us a seamless partner for the entire lifecycle of your landscape.


  • Plant Care
  • Fertilization, Weed & Pest Management
  • Landscape Renovation
  • Seasonal Color Design & Installation
  • Granite/ Turf Conversions
  • Storm Preparedness
Arizona Maintenance_5

Water Management

  • Irrigation Management & Analysis
  • Smart Technology
  • Sustainable Enhancements
  • Rebate Tracking & Application Support
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Tree Care

  • Maintenance
  • Protection
  • Emergency Storm Damage Response
  • Tree Health Management
Phoenix, AZ Tree Care Services
General Manager
Vice President & General Manager
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