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5 Reasons Your Campus Landscape Matters

Here's a Secret About Landscaping

When choosing the best way to care for your landscape, there is more to consider than making sure the grass gets mowed and the sidewalks are clear. From student safety to prospective student tours, what your landscape partner (or in-house crew) does ultimately impacts your bottom line. We have taken the guesswork out of these decisions with this list of reasons why landscape matters.

attract top students with a beautiful landscape
Attracting top students and faulty is key to your success and a beautiful landscape is an important tool to make it happen.

1. Attract Students and Top-Tier Faculty

62% of prospective students say that campus appearance was the most influential factor when deciding where to enroll. Our landscape architects will create ideal outdoor spaces for learning and relaxing. And our specialized sports turf experts will keep your athletic fields in top condition. 

2. Reduce Budget 

For both private and state-funded colleges and universities, landscape maintenance programs are an integral part of a balanced budget. In addition, as the largest commercial landscaping company in the country, our purchasing power and investment in specialty equipment, generate cost benefits for you.

3. Improve On-Campus Safety & Reduce Liability

The safety of students on campus is critical. Keep walkways and parking areas clear of obstructions that might impede visibility for pedestrians or drivers. Reduce slip and fall risk with landscaping maintenance service covering snow removal, ice removal, and storm debris clearance.

higher education landscape
A well-maintained landscape is an important strategic asset for higher education campuses.

4. Increase Alumni Contributions

Landscapes with outdoor study spaces for students, and gathering spaces to meet friends are a key part of your culture. Create an on-campus experience students will treasure for a lifetime. A beautiful campus creates lasting memories that will in turn encourage Alumni contributions to preserve the experience for future generations.

5. Promote Sustainability

Today’s students are more focused than ever on the future of our planet. Nurture and support that with a landscape partner that is committed to using sustainable practices. From green roofs to electric equipment, from grass-cycling to water conservation efforts, trust your landscape to a company that knows the importance of reducing the effects our practices have on Earth

A landscape partner should have comprehensive capabilities to streamline your landscape services and think strategically about the bigger picture for your property. They are more than just “mow, blow and go”. A good partner for the long-term will identify potential risks and suggest ways to mitigate them, as well as identifying opportunities to improve your property value by enhancing your outdoor environment.

To put it simply, if your landscaper is not working hard to make you and your property look good and your life easier, it might be time to shop around.

Outsource campus landscaping to unlock its revenue generating potential

The research is in: outsourcing landscaping and grounds maintenance has major payoff potential.