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When the Good Times Roll… Stay On Top of Your Game!

Tips for keeping your course competitive and managing it well today and in the future.

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This past year has been a good one for golf, as more new golfers are introduced to the game we all love. The National Golf Foundation’s 2018 Annual Report shows the sport is not only enjoying increased participation, but also an increase in the number of “non-golfers” who are interested to play on a real golf course. Many speculate this upward trend will continue. With competition for current and new golfers continuing to be fierce, how can you gain the advantage?  We asked our experts at BrightView Golf Maintenance to share their tips for keeping your course competitive and managing it well today and in the future.

Don’t be complacent.

To stay competitive, you need to keep your course conditions up to par. Conduct an audit of your course’s infrastructure and make sure you have a long-term investment plan in place to keep systems and features current such as irrigation, greens and bunkers. It is vital to know the areas of your golf course that need improvement; prioritize these projects and then lay them out in a 5-year strategic plan.

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Upgrades to your course demonstrate your commitment to your members and provide opportunities to make enhancements that could attract the next generation.

Your reinvestment should also be an investment for your players/members.

When you make upgrades, it says a lot to your players. It creates confidence you’re planning for the future and keeping your course conditions top notch. Players recognize increased fees is part of the package of getting course improvements.

Broaden your amenity package.

Give players and families many reasons to come to your course regularly. Look at ways to make your course more accessible and welcoming to new golfers like expanded tee boxes and adding “family tees” for kids of various ages. Some courses have even considered adding larger cups during specific hours scheduled for family play.

Having the right equipment makes a difference.

Having both properly functioning equipment and the correct equipment plays an integral role in providing better conditions. Properly maintained equipment yields a higher quality cut and great efficiency, allowing you to do more work. Old equipment that no longer functions properly not only requires more maintenance and repairs—resulting in a higher cost of ownership—it also creates a safety hazard for your crew.

Retain quality labor in a high-demand labor market.

Increased labor demand is making it harder to find quality professionals. Keep your valued employees with ongoing training, advancement opportunities, and benefits that show them how much you appreciate their hard work. Additionally, focusing on safety is paramount. At BrightView, this is our most important priority for crew members and we place great importance on training and safety gear.

There’s no better time than now to invest in your most valuable asset, your golf course. Consider the above tips as you put together your strategic plan. And finally, be sure to address both near-future and long-term goals in your plan. Even small, quick-wins you put into action today can be details that help differentiate you course.

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