Clients Share Why a Golf Maintenance Partnership Works


Everyone in the golf industry agrees: relationships matter. The relationships and trust you build with your members, board, and staff is critical to your success. We feel the same way about our clients. But don’t just take it from us - hear it from them.

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Outstanding Golf Course Maintenance

You set the standard, we make it happen. We’re laser-focused on continuously refining the science, technology, and operations of golf course maintenance so we can bring our clients a competitive advantage and a course their players are proud of.

Video Transcription

Clients share why a golf maintenance partnership works

Glendora Country Club

JACK STOUGHTON, Glendora Country Club Board President:

Our club found ourselves in a point where we were involved in renovating our fairways and it wasn't going very well. Membership was not happy with the golf course. We needed to find a better way to do this. We researched everything we could and outsourcing emerged as the way to go and I frankly was not excited about outsourcing and give up our control. I found that when we did it, we got more control and we got things that we couldn't even think about brought to our golf course.


Within two years, converted aged mixed turf to 95 percent Monostand Kikuyu grass.

Operational efficiency of the golf course improved by 20 to 30 percent.

"Our member satisfaction is at an all-time high as far as the golf course and things of that nature are concerned." -Jack Stoughton, Board President

Wildcat Golf Club

ELMER STEPHENS, Wildcat Golf Club Owner:

I've been in this business for over 30 years. I have a strong construction project management background. I've operated and had maintenance in-house for many, many years and we did it quite well, but being a single operator, you just don't have the resources that you can get through having a partner. There are contracts on a national level with vendors that saves us a lot of money. We don't have to pay any of the insurance costs or worker's compensation. If we need to have a meeting, we can get a meeting. All I do is pick up the phone and call them and they step in and help us.


Wildcat is the premier 36-hole, daily-fee facility in the Houston market.

Twenty-percent decrease in golf course maintenance costs.

"BrightView's national contracts with vendors saves us a lot of money." -Elmer Stephens, Owner

Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort

BROC NELL, Omni Amelia Island Director of Golf:

I've spent 10 great years here at the Amelia Island property. Ultimately, what is making us successful now was lacking then. We had no consistency on our golf course conditions, we did not have any local experts in the turf grass field, and every year, we did not know what kind of product we were going to be able to put out for our guests. When their experts visited the property, they were able to educate us on the golf courses and what it took to get to the next level with our golf courses here. Looking back seven years ago, it was the best decision we ever made for the property.


Reduced maintenance budget by over $200,000.

Over $1 million saved over the last seven years.

"BrightView's expertise has allowed us to surpass revenue goals and exceed our customers' expectations." -Broc Nell, Director of Golf

St Ives Country Club

JOHN GERDTS, St Ives Country Club General Manager:

It was a long process for us making sure that it was the right fit for St Ives. For a lot of higher-end private clubs, I would say this is definitely a break from the norm. There were concerns over losing control and concerns over member satisfaction. After about the first month or two on board, we realized that those concerns could go away. There's no difference from managing your own team. The superintendent and I meet on a daily basis and we have multiple levels that we could reach out to to get advice and to get input.


Twenty-five-percent decrease in golf course maintenance costs.

Membership up 20 percent since BrightView assumed maintenance responsibility.

"BrightView maximizes what is being done for the dollars spent." -Dennis Cunningham, Board President


Speaking from the heart, I can't stress enough the seamless teamwork or the team of experts that you have.


At the end of the day, they were here to make our members happy, which is exactly what we're here for.


I think the biggest benefit that we've seen is right behind me now. This golf course is in the best shape day-in and day-out. It's not tournament conditionsl; this is everyday playing conditions.