Partner for Success

As the nation's premier landscaping company, BrightView is the preferred partner for golf course maintenance nationwide. Our tried and tested processes and procedures consistently provide improvements in course quality, reductions in cost, and improved crew training - all resulting in an improved player experience.

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Golf Course Analysis

The first step is evaluation and analysis. Our experts work with you to assess water quality, soil characteristics, irrigation system and agronomy practices and more. We take a deep dive into your existing maintenance practices and work with you develop a plan to improve quality, minimize on-site risk, reduce costs, and set a long-term foundation for the proactive management of your golf course.

We make sure we know your course inside and out and truly understand your goals and needs going forward. This process sets the stage for a comprehensive, step-by-step strategic solution to any and all of your course challenges. 


Continuous Improvement

Together with quality, efficiency, and safety, continuous improvemtn is the cornerstone of our partnership with you. 

Customer satisfaction and outstanding golf course maintenance start with a great team. Everyone on our team looks at today's needs and anticipates tomorrow's challenges. 

Through the ongoing education programs, our crews are trained to identify opportunities for improvement including: enhancements in player experience, cost reduction, as well as equipment and resource utilization.


Proactive Communications

To keep you in control, we work closely with your team to ensure good communication. BrightView's customized reports can be delivered weekly, monthly, or quarterly. We also schedule regular visits by our management to assess your course and the annual "End of Season Review Report" gives you the chance to identify what went right, discuss new ideas, and evaluate challenges. 

On a day-to-day basis, the on-site BrightView team is empowered to act as your in-house team for every adjustment the course may need. And our off-site support teams are ready to assist should the need arise. 

Seamless Transition

With BrightView's Partner program we assume all responsibilities for your crew. Through careful planning and a systematic transition process, there is no downtime in course maintenance. We do this by implementing high-quality training programs coupled with best in class hiring practices. 

We first offer all positions on the team to existing qualified staff, followed by a 90-day crew training program that ensures that all crew members are performing at the same high level. Our training covers course etiquette, technical skills, workplace safety, and equipment safety. Our crews take great pride in their work. The result is a seamless transition- all without your players having to miss a single beat.


Define Your Vision

BrightView's national resources and local implementation ensure that our partnership meets your course ground maintenance expectations. Whether you are in charge of delivering a world-class experience at a private club or creating recreational opportunities at a municipal course for your community, BrightView will work with your vision and within your budget to meet expectations. 

We also work with you to deliver on your business goals- including increasing membership, reducing overheads, improving maintenance crew efficiency, getting better equipment, and reducing the workload on leadership. 

BrightView welcomes the opportunity to work with you to solve any ans all of these challenges for your organization.