BrightView Fund for Social Justice Awards Love VC with $2,500 Grant

BrightView Fund for Social Justice Awards Love VC with $2,500 Grant
BrightView Rene Rivera Jasmine Orozco Sarah Abrams Greg Abrams
Love VC is the latest recipient of a grant from the BrightView Fund for Social Justice.

Love VC, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring the local Ventura County (Calif.) community to love each other through connecting, giving, and serving, is the latest recipient of a $2,500 grant from the BrightView Fund for Social Justice.

The Fund was established by BrightView to support organizations and initiatives that promote equality and inclusion in the local communities where BrightView team members work, live, and play.

Rene Rivera, BrightView VPGM, and Jasmine Orozco, BrightView Market Recruiter, presented the check to Love VC’s Sarah Abrams and Greg Abrams.

“Love VC is excited to be able to partner with BrightView as we work to beautify, enhance, and better our local community. Through their generosity, we will be able to make a great impact on our city-wide day of serving, Love Ventura, coming this October,” said Sarah Abrams, Co-Founder, Love VC.

2024 Corporate Responsibility Focus Areas

BrightView's 2024 Corporate Responsibility Focus Areas

The 2024 Corporate Responsibility Focus Areas infographic showcases BrightView's unwavering commitment to being a good corporate citizen. At the forefront of its initiatives is the dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Through meticulous attention to these pillars, BrightView has prioritized sustainable practices that minimize its environmental footprint, foster positive social impacts, and uphold the highest standards of governance. This infographic details insights into BrightView's sustainable strategies, including the addition of electric and battery-powered equipment and promoting water conservation and smart irrigation technology, enhancing community engagement, and maintaining transparent and ethical business practices.

With sustainability at the heart of its operations, BrightView aims to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of its stakeholders, driving meaningful change, and creating long-term value for the company and the communities in which its team members work, live, and play.


2024 Corporate Responsibility Infographic

BrightView Publishes 2024 Corporate Responsibility Report

BrightView Publishes 2024 Corporate Responsibility Report Report outlines progress on Fiscal 2023 sustainability and social responsibility initiatives

Download Report

BrightView (NYSE: BV), the leading commercial landscaping services company in the United States, today published its 2024 Corporate Responsibility Report, highlighting the Company’s commitment to being a good corporate citizen focused on environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and corporate governance. The report is available on BrightView’s website.

“This report reflects our team’s hard work over the past year and continued focus on corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives. Every day we set out to positively impact our stakeholders, including our employees, clients, investors, and neighbors,” said Dale Asplund, BrightView President and Chief Executive Officer. “The actions we take, and the projects we promote, are designed to do our part to help improve our environment and to help take care of our team members and customers, and the communities we serve. We remain committed to setting ambitious goals, tracking our progress transparently, and continually improving our performance to ensure we’re working to create a bright future for the world around us.”


Fiscal 2023 Highlights


  • Established a baseline Scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory.
  • Ongoing replacement of our fleet with electric and fuel-efficient alternatives resulting in 17% of our vehicles being hybrid or electric as of the end of Fiscal 2023.
  • Continued conversion of gas and 2-cycle landscaping equipment to electric power, with an additional 480 battery-powered handheld units, 200 electric/hybrid vehicles, and 80 electric mowers deployed.


  • Continued to diversify our workforce.
  • Once again, maintained a total recordable injury rate lower than the landscaping industry average, demonstrating safety is a top priority.
  • Raised over $160,000, through the BrightView Landscapes Foundation, to support team members in critical situations.
  • Team members contributed over 550 volunteer hours, as part of our Volunteer Time Off program.


  • BrightView’s Board maintains oversight of societal and other matters affecting the Company’s stakeholders and the environments in which we operate.
  • Nine of 10 Board members are independent, with an average tenure of under five years.
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BrightView Landscapes 2024 Corporate Responsibility Report

BrightView Landscapes 2024 Corporate Responsibility Report A source of pride for every team member
For other BrightView Landscapes stock information or other financial reports, please visit our investor website.


BrightView Landscapes Corporate Responsibility Report 2024


This Corporate Responsibility Report aims to provide a consolidated overview of BrightView’s non-financial performance. Metrics included in this Report cover our activities during the FY2023 (October 1, 2022 - September 30, 2023) period, unless otherwise noted. This Report includes select metrics from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Professional and Commercial Services industry standard.


Corporate Responsibility Reports

BrightView generates value for the communities in which we operate, as well as our customers, business partners, suppliers, team members and stockholders. Our commitment to the core principles of ESG – Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance – is a source of pride for every member of our team.

Find all of our past and present Corporate Responsibility Reports here to download at your convenience.

Corporate Responsibility

BrightView generates value for the communities in which we operate, as well as our customers, business partners, suppliers, team members and stockholders. Our commitment to the core principles of ESG – Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance – is a source of pride for every member of our team.

BrightView’s Customer Portal Surpasses 10,000 Users

BrightView’s Customer Portal Surpasses 10,000 Users BrightView Connect 2.0 allows customers to easily manage landscaping needs from the convenience of a smartphone
Customer portal reach major milestone
BrightView's enhanced customer tool is now serving more than 10,000 customers.

Smart phones. Smart homes. Everything in life seems to be getting smarter. Keeping track of landscape maintenance is getting smarter, too. BrightView — the nation’s leading commercial landscaping company — has upgraded BrightView Connect, a proprietary customer portal designed to provide property managers and homeowner association residents with the latest landscape service information at their fingertips. Released earlier this year, the portal recently surpassed 10,000 registered users.

“At BrightView, we’re constantly looking for solutions to better engage with customers and enhance their overall experience,” said Brian Bruce, BrightView Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer. “The new BrightView Connect is simpler, faster, and more convenient. We envision BrightView Connect will be like taking your landscape team with you wherever you go, but in a much smarter format.”

Available on mobile or desktop, the next-generation BrightView Connect incorporates technology designed to meet the demands of clients by providing access to the information they need, when they need it. 

At its core, BrightView Connect offers a host of easily accessible, on-demand features such as:

  • Submit Service Requests: Effortlessly request service and upload reference photos.
  • Receive Service Confirmation: Know when landscape services are completed, tailored to client priorities.
  • View Enhancement Proposals: Access proposals, status, and history on a secure dashboard.
  • View Maintenance Schedule: Share details of a property maintenance schedule.
  • View Quality Site Assessments: Review BrightView service history with site walk photos, notes, and follow-up items.
  • Customize Communications: Select the preferred frequency and method of BrightView communications.

* Some features may not be available at all properties.

“The next-generation BrightView Connect was developed based on direct feedback from customers,” Bruce continued. “When designing the portal, we put an emphasis on providing easy access to the most useful information, leveraging our integrated mobile applications.”

Click here for a demo video and to learn more about the new BrightView Connect.

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BrightView Lends Green Thumb to Support Military Families

BrightView Lends Green Thumb to Support Military Families Program helps teach children on mid-Atlantic military bases about everything green
BrightView horticulture education children
BrightView team members help spread the love of plants and flowers to the next generation.

BrightView is a proud supporter of veterans and military families. So, when our client, Liberty Military Housing, reached out and asked us to participate in a program that helps teach children on various mid-Atlantic military bases about plants and flowers, the answer was easy.

The “Paint a Pot, Pot a Plant” activities that were recently supported by dozens of BrightView team members from our Virginia Beach and Williamsburg Branches saw more than 500 children and their families from nine military bases participate in the learning, while also having a little fun painting the pots they were planted in.

“It is our honor to serve those who are serving us,” said Joe Johnson, Virginia Beach Branch Manager. “It is a great opportunity to give back to the people who are protecting and making immense sacrifices for us.”

This is the second year BrightView has participated in these activities. Future activities are planned to expand the fun and learning.


BrightView Offers Team Members Life-Saving CPR Training

BrightView Offers Team Members Life-Saving CPR Training
BrightView team members CPR training
More than 1,000 BrightView team members have been trained in First Aid and CPR since October 2022.

Did you know? Each day, 1,000 Americans experience sudden cardiac arrest. According to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, only 10 percent of these people survive.

At BrightView Landscapes, our greatest asset is our employees. In addition to equipping team members with the skills and resources needed to safely perform your job safely, we are committed to providing the training to assist fellow employees and customers and community members, should medical assistance be required. In support of this endeavor, the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) team regularly coordinates First Aid and CPR training events across the country.

Since October 2022, nearly 1,000 BrightView employees have been trained in First Aid and CPR and we currently have more than 35 American Red Cross-certified First Aid and CPR instructors on our EHS and Branch Management teams.

“Our goal is to have all Branch leadership members and crew leaders trained in First Aid/CPR,” said Holly Woonton, BrightView’s Vice President, Environmental Health & Safety. “This is important life-saving training, and within BrightView, there are dozens of instances where team members have used their training to come to the rescue of their coworkers and community members suffering a cardiac or life-threatening emergency.”

At the conclusion of the half-day course, team members will know how to:

  • Perform CPR on someone who is in cardiac arrest
  • Properly use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Administer First Aid to someone who is injured
  • Assist someone who is choking
  • Render assistance with Narcan and Epinephrine

BrightView Honors Veterans with Retired Flags

BrightView Honors Veterans with Retired Flags The donation helps pay a final tribute to our nation's heroes
American flag rose military dog tags
BrightView is proud to donate retired American flags to honor veterans as they are laid to rest.

Walking through the Baltimore branch warehouse late last year, the Branch Administrator, Christine Thayer, came upon 75 retired American flags BrightView inherited from a client.

She alerted her teammate and fellow Branch Administrator, Maggie Shannon, who did some digging and found that BrightView stores the flags for various clients.

Learning the clients no longer needed them, Shannon wanted to ensure the flags were properly disposed of. After a quick online search, she connected with a local funeral home that places flags with veterans before they are cremated so the ashes of the American flag are combined with the ashes of the veteran as a sign of respect for their service.

While Shannon isn’t a veteran, she has relatives who are and felt this was an appropriate way to honor those who served our country so selflessly.

“It just felt like the right thing to do,” she said. “I have great pride in our flag and it’s another way to give a gift to a veteran that we don’t even know and to honor them one final time.”

The funeral home was very thankful for BrightView’s patriotic donation.

“We feel that families of veterans feel honored to have an American flag placed in with their loved one for their cremation as it is one last act of honor to the flag that they fought to protect,” said Jack Mitchell IV of Mitchell-Wiedefeld Funeral Home. “The donation of flags provided by Brightview will allow us to offer that service to families for some time to come. We appreciate BrightView’s commitment to our military veterans.”

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