Landscape Construction Services in the Santa Monica, CA Area

In the Santa Monica, CA area, Brightview is the leading commercial landscape company. We’ve been the trusted landscape construction partner for many of the Santa Monica, CA area’s complex, large scale and notable projects.

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Your Landscape Construction Professionals in the Santa Monica, CA Area

BrightView Landscape Construction Santa Monica, CA offers a variety of landscape construction services—such as pre-development, site-development, hardscapes, softscapes, water features, irrigation and design-build—all delivered with unrivaled technical expertise.

Landscape Development

Landscape Development in Santa Monica, CA

Hardscape Construction

Count on our experienced craftsmen to artfully execute your permanent structures, pathways, pavers and pedestal pavers, vertical hardscape, walls, concrete, brickwork, or masonry. Plus, with our ability to serve in a variety of capacities—from general contractor to specialty or subcontractor—you’ll have one trusted partner who can handle more. 

Softscape Construction

By utilizing the latest construction methodologies and the best-suited tools and materials for the job, we ensure the success of your installation. In addition to fine grading, soil prep and grow-in programs, our capabilities include the installation of mulch, rock, crusher fines, edging, plant material, sod, and native seed.


Benefit from seamless project delivery. By bringing the pre-construction team into the design process, you’ll enjoy improved cost control, faster time to market, clearer accountability and reduced administrative burden.

Irrigation Construction

At the helm of modern irrigation, our team leverages the latest innovations to help you achieve greater longevity, efficiency and savings. We offer HDPE, PVC, and polyethylene systems, and are experienced in building large scale and complex systems. Our expertise includes fused pipe, joint restraint systems, smart controller systems, two-wire systems and more.


From zoning and environmental impact to demonstrating community enhancement, let us handle the pre-development and liaise with local governments and planning commissions for you. We’ll provide the justifications, documentation, and materials needed to clear the way for a successful project.


With light civil construction capabilities, we’re able to perform light civil grading, drainage, electrical and site development, plus wet and dry utility installation. And for the finishing touch, we’ll handle site amenity installation, such as furnishings and play equipment.

Pool & Water Features

Our multi-disciplinary team will address all the technical challenges of bringing water, power, and the right materials together in the right location for an aesthetically pleasing and safe feature. We offer computer modeling/BIM, design assist and design-build, technical assistance, troubleshooting, system upgrades and consulting. In addition to pools, spas, and fountains, our experience includes waterfalls, water walls, show controls, lazy rivers, lakes, babbling brooks, ponds, and more.

Landscape Development Services

Landscape Development Services in Santa Monica, CA

Landscape Construction & Development Services
Santa Monica, CA Landscape Construction
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