Overcoming Landscape Challenges

Overcoming the Top 3 Landscape Maintenance Challenges

Trouble-Free is the Way to Be

Jan 13, 2023 |

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BrightView's research with property, facility, and portfolio managers identified several challenges with landscape maintenance companies. Here are the underlying causes and solutions for each of the Top 3:

1. Lack of Communication

We have all heard the saying, “Communication is key.” It is, in our opinion, the most critical element to a successful relationship. Without clear and consistent communication, a multitude of issues can arise:

  • Expectations are not clear and thus not managed correctly.
  • Design plans and/or scope of work are misunderstood.
  • Deadlines and/or implementations are missed.
  • Issues are not brought to your attention before they become a problem.
Lack of Communication—The BrightView Solution:

There are three communication tools that help ensure clear and concise communication with our clients:

BrightView's Quality Site Assessment (QSA)

This collaborative tool captures your objectives and is used to measure our success against your standards. These regular check-ins set clear expectations for landscape quality, provide a forum to discuss feedback and progress updates, and ensure we stay aligned with your goals."

BrightView Connect

BrightView Connect gives you the ability to:

  • A secure customer portal to enable back and forth feedback and management of the account
  • Submit and track service requests
  • Receive real-time updates on projects and maintenance plans, including pictures
  • View planned maintenance schedules
  • Easy access to cumulative library of all proposals for enhancement projects
  • Receive notification emails and texts
  • Receive weather alerts
BrightView’s Account Team

Our local teams are uniquely structured with extra support layers to ensure we can provide the highest quality of service and responsiveness. Our teams are made up of

  • A Branch Manager who focuses on client relationships, performance, quality control, personnel, and safety.
  • An Account Manager and a Production Manager to ensure local management year-round coverage including vacations and time away.
  • The Production Manager supports the Account Manager in managing the onsite teams, ordering materials, and monitoring costs and deliveries. 
  • The Account Manager works closely with you to understand and document your goals. They work with the Production Manager and their team to ensure your goals are implemented.
  • The dedicated Account Manager oversees the property and is the primary point of contact. The Account Manager regularly performs a QSA for the property with your point of contact and reviews it with the Crew Supervisor.
  • The Crew Supervisor oversees the crew team and their daily work against the QSA.
  • The well-trained and qualified crew team carries out the work.

2. Service Quality

One of our interviewees captured the essence of service quality perfectly. “Landscaping provides that first impression – the curb appeal. I expect a vendor to go above and beyond the minimum. They should strive to do so because they believe their name is associated with the campus; it’s not just our name on the project.”

Here are the top three things they told us are important: 

  1. Delivering on promises 
  2. Solutions tailored for your commercial property 
  3. Understanding local and national regulations 
Service Quality—The BrightView Solution

Building Successful Partnerships

We know success depends on a solid foundation. This is why we start by identifying your needs and standards with a detailed scope of work. Our teams know exactly what is expected of them and the property.  From the initial strategy meeting throughout the seasons, our teams will be in constant contact with you and your team.

  • Pre-Season Collaboration Meeting
  • Quality Site Assessment
  • Business Reviews
  • Post-Season Collaboration Meeting
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

BrightView’s Propriety 7 Standards of Excellence 

The Seven Standards of Excellence implement best practices and establish cohesive strategies for your commercial landscape, including:

Quality Landscaping
Every person defines quality differently but starting with these best practices sets the tone.
  1. Site Cleanliness
  2. Weed Free
  3. Green Turf
  4. Crisp-Edge Beds
  5. Spectacular Flowers
  6. Uniformly Mulched Beds
  7. Neatly Pruned Trees & Shrubs

Qualified Experts 

BrightView has a national team of certified experts to provide consultation and assistance. Our team includes the following professionals.

  • Horticulturists 
  • Certified Arborists
  • Pesticide Specialists for plantings, trees, and ground cover
  • Certified Irrigation Technicians
  • Certified Snow Professionals
  • Dedicated Safety Professionals

High-Impact Landscaping Focus
High impact focus considers the overall appeal of these four areas:

  • Design custom features maximizing focal points and “wow factors”
  • Use seasonal design and mulching to bring color to your property
  • Green Turf
  • Xeriscaping designs utilizing elements that need little to no additional irrigation

Notification of Local and National Regulation Changes 

BrightView Landscape Services monitors and keep you apprised of the changes that impact your property, including:

3. Labor Issues

The pandemic caused a major disruption in our workforce. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, more than 47 million people quit their jobs. We know you felt the impact of the shortage of labor because you told us about your frustrations with companies that struggled with the following employee-related challenges:

  • Crews showing up when scheduled/as promised
  • Consistency with crews
  • Doing the job right the first time
  • When and who will be on-site, and how will they be identified 
  • Safety
The BrightView Solution

While no company is immune from the impact of a global pandemic, BrightView’s long-term approach to employee relationships sets us apart from the competition. 

Our employees are part of the BrightView family—they are what make us the nation’s leading commercial landscape company. Our people are part of your community - with local connections, local knowledge, and a desire to see their community thrive. We know that by hiring from your community we strengthen the local economy. We invest in our employee's careers, and these three elements set our teams apart from the competition.

At BrightView we don’t just train employees - we create experts, instilling knowledge, professionalism, and confidence.  We implemented the BrightPath Landscape Development Program as a career development tool to give our employees an opportunity to advance their careers and cultivate the best teams for our clients.

Daily Stretch-and-Flex at BrightView
We start off every morning with a stretch-and-flex to get our crews warmed up and ready for the day. 

Our best-in-class Safety Management Program is committed to continuous improvement and has resulted in injuries below the national average. We have well-documented environment, health, and safety (EH&S) protocols.

The 7 Standards of Excellence
Our team members participate in strict quality standards and continuous improvement training to ensure you receive consistently excellent results, whether you have one site or many. It has led us to promote best practices in landscape maintenance and set a high bar for every property we serve. 

    About BrightView Landscaping Services

    Managing your site(s) is a balancing act. Increasing the visual impact of your property must be weighed against the cost of maintaining and protecting your investment. Our partnership ensures your landscape needs are covered from landscape maintenance, fertilization, water management, weed and pest management, tree care, snow removal, storm preparedness, and response.
    BrightView partnerships have provided high-quality, cost-effective, and consistent commercial landscape services since 1939.
    Our commercial landscape professionals provide you with the services your property needs while allowing you to focus your time and resources on the many other challenges of running your business.