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The Myths & Realities of Outsourcing

The idea of “outsourcing” is really a misconception.

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It’s no secret: the term “outsourcing” isn’t viewed kindly in the golf world. For many general managers and boards the idea of letting someone else help with golf course maintenance means losing control. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, golf course maintenance cannot be outsourced the same way functions like payroll can. It’s simply not an off-site job. Proper maintenance and care of a golf course is a daily job, done at the same place, at the same time, and by the same team. The idea of “outsourcing” is really a misconception.

golf course maintenance crew member at work
Access to PhD agronomists, R&D, operations experts, and crew training are just some of the benefits of a golf course maintenance partnership.

The “In Sourcing” of Outsourcing

Bringing in experts to help with your course is really more about importing, or “in sourcing.” When you hire a golf maintenance firm, you’re getting expertise, leadership, in-depth research, and proven best practices to augment your golf course operations and personnel. It’s an on-site, ongoing partnership. You get the tools needed to maximize your course and crew — and often reduce costs at the same time.

The Value of Greater Control

As a result, rather than losing control, you gain more control by bringing in specialists, This greater control holds true for general managers, board members, and superintendents alike.
Consider what you get with a specialized firm such as BrightView:

  • PhD agronomists who can troubleshoot issues and create annual site-specific agronomic plans based on real-time, on-site data. 
  • Leading-edge diagnostic tools and customized solutions. 
  • Dedicated research and development that results in not only the latest products, tools and equipment for your use, but also the very best available.
  • Budgeting assistance to help you make the most of your dollars spent and to ensure that resources are allocated strategically. 
  • Management and operations experts who ensure the safety, efficiency and efficacy for day-to-day work and larger projects so that the quality and consistency of play is upheld. 
  • Administrative systems and technology that minimize paperwork and free up time for your superintendent to be on the course and with the crew. 
  • Ongoing training for your superintendent and crew.
  • A wide network of immediate support and expertise that can respond immediately in the event of a natural disaster or weather event.


Outstanding Golf Course Maintenance

You set the standard, we make it happen. We’re laser-focused on continuously refining the science, technology, and operations of golf course maintenance so we can bring our clients a competitive advantage and a course their players are proud of.